10 September 2014

One Photo Twenty Words

My Daddy's company.
 Love that the Chosen One does genealogy research 
not only on his family but on mine too.

Today's post is part of Abi's One Photo Twenty Words. 
Please hope over to Creating Paper Dreams to see hers and links to others


  1. What a useful and fun thing for the chosen one to do. I love finding out about my family. It must be fascinating to hear his stories he has found out for you.

  2. I bet he's found out some really interesting stuff.

  3. What a fantastic find, how interesting.

  4. How wonderful to have that photo!

  5. What a great piece of genealogy & nice pairing of words with the photo!

  6. I found doing research on DH's family easier than doing it on mine. They are so much better documented. :)


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