25 August 2014

a peek at my week

a peek at the week of august 24th

* new hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms ... so all the noise, moving, etc that goes hand in hand with that

* The Pirate turns 22

* last dinner with our summer Breaking Bread group

*Labor Day weekend, the river and

* opening game for my ECU Pirates Saturday night

a peek into my glorious week!

If I peeked into yours what would I see?


  1. Enjoy that Pirates game Bev. I bet you are excited! My week looks like winding down for the summer and getting ready to crack on with the uni work once September hits!

    1. Can't believe you are headed into your last year, how exciting!

  2. Be sure to share pics of the new floors!!

    1. Stacey, I will! They are in and the furniture has been moved back in so pics soon :)

  3. New floors sounds exciting ... Hoping for photos! And many congratulations to the Pirate too :).


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