29 May 2014

Simply a Moment

May 25, 2014
Janeiro, North Carolina

The voices drift off the water and up into the den of our river house. The wind is perfect this morning. I slide the glass door open and step out onto the deck with my apple. The apple is cold and crisp and juicy, my favorite. I use the back of my hand to wipe juice from my face as I look out to the water. About 40' offshore there is a Sunfish with a red and white sail and the sight of it makes me smile. I drag a chair from the table across the wooden deck and place it so that I can prop my feet up on the railing. I watch as the boat glides through the water. I hear two teenage girls talking, laughing, squealing and my heart sings. I spent so many of my growing up years in a red hulled sailboat with a red and white sail. Occasionally I was alone but more often then not my younger (by 2 years) sister, Paula or best friend, Nancy was with me. And there was talking...and laughing...and squealing. My heart embraces my parents once again for the gift they gave us, almost 45 years ago,with this place on the river, where we became "river rats".

Simply a Moment has been a monthly meme offered by Alexa at Trimming the Sails for the last two years. She has decided it is time to move on but you will see occasional Simply a Moments here. I like that it is so brief and yet it makes me you truly focus. On BEglorious it will pop up randomly, I hope you'll stop by for them. To read Alexa and other's last entries click here. There are some incredibly talented writers in the group, I promise you will enjoy them. As I just jumped over to Alexa's so I could do the hyperlink I had a happy moment :)  Alex'a blog logo is a sailboat, how fitting that my last Moment with her is about a sailboat! Thank you so much, for your stories and inspiring us to capture ours, dear friend.


  1. What a terrific moment. I love that we grew up renting a beach house each summer; it's deep inside me now. And perfect tribute to Alexa as well.

  2. Thanks, Rinda! Those growing up summers never leave us :)

  3. Love your moment, Beverly!
    Alison xx


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