17 May 2014

Sharing on Saturdays

How to clean stainless steel
just in case your grill isn't ready for the summer season

Snickerdoodle Donut Muffins - Simple to make,  so good. A family favorite!  | SweetLittleBluebird.com
the Pirate's favorite cookie is snickerdoodle so I might try
 these out while he is home

I've seen a few of you use Waterlogue in Instagram.
She explains it in 4 easy steps.

Free Printable Vacation Packing Checklist - This comprehensive travel checklist will ensure nothing is forgotten and take the stress out of packing.
where are you going this summer?


  1. We're going to have a BBQ for Amelia's birthday tomorrow and I'm hoping our grill doesn't need too much attention! Those muffins look delicious. I love the effects people achieve with Waterlogue, but sadly not available for my Android phone.

  2. Fi, I have a Droid as well :( Have a glorious birthday celebration!

  3. That's a great name, Snickerdoodle, and new to he! The combination of muffin and donut sounds delicious ...


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