01 March 2014

the Coiled Rag Bowl Project

Did you hear the roar of the crowds as I tied the final knot in this project?  I did!!! It was one I had planned on having finished in November but various delays associated with our Coffee and Crafts and the holidays got in the way. Unfortunately there has been another obstacle. I have developed arthritis in both of my thumbs. The middle joints aren't so affected as the bottom one with the pain running to the base of the hand. I can only work on the bowl a short time before I have to put it aside and then my hands hurt for a good while. There were times I doubted that it would be finished but because I knew exactly where I want to use it and it will coordinate with the Blogging Friendship Quilt, it had to be done!

The project was chosen by my Coffee and Crafts group, inspired by this find on Pinterest.

I want to make this bowl. I even purchased the supplies but don't know when I will ahve time.

Fellow crafter, Mary made hers in the fall using the same colors as the original. Hers is perfect!

the BEglorious Rag Bowl Project

the colors are way muted in this photo 

the first stitch

and the final stitch!!!

I really love the bowl and the whole concept. In some ways it was super easy and in others it was a bit challenging for me. It's a tad off but that makes it a good fit here.

This week I'll be doing glass etching and I am really looking forward to that...especially since I'll do the whole project in less than an hour. 

What is the last big project you completed?  


  1. It's stunning,Beverly....and such glorious colours.

  2. I love your coiled rag bowl. And that looks like something I could even make!

  3. Oh I like the bowl! I think my last big project was working out a crochet hat pattern. I have so many partial 'sample' hats leftover while working out the stitching pattern.... but I never quite got it to do what I wanted it to do, so that was a failed project. Oh well.

  4. It's a beautiful bowl - well done for overcoming the obstacles to complete it. Sorry about the arthritis though ... that's a bummer! Hopefully you can medicate enough to continue your crafty ways.

  5. This looks fabulous Beverly - great job seeing it through to completion! I'm in the midst of several projects right now - completing my 2010 albums (almost done), revising my family portraits wall in the hallway (1/2 way done), and decluttering/deep cleaning the house.

  6. Oh, it looks wonderful Beverly! I love your chosen colours and the original rainbow version is fabulous too. You could have taken part in my SIPIDI! meme as you were inspired by Pinterest!

  7. I LOVE this project so much, Beverly. LOVE the colors you used! Shame about your thumb issues - I can only take so much hand sewing myself before my right shoulder and elbow KILL me for several days. ~sigh~ Congrats on sticking with it and finishing it. It's fantastic!


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