15 March 2014

Sharing on Saturday _ Getting Ready for Saint Paddy

 A few years ago I was inspired by Pinterest to make colcannon. It was really good especially with the little changes I made. Click here to go to that 2012 post.

I have new earrings to wear this year that I purchased from Melanie's Etsy shop FemmeDeBloom.
Handmade St Patricks Day Shamrock Clover Fabric Earrings

SmallFryeMama lent me her green nail polish which made it so I could sport the green and gold without spending any money!

a cute way to gift some

Here are a few new things I found for Saint Patrick's Day this year.

Shamrock Chips

Low Fat Shamrock Parfait
Low Fat St. Patrick's Day Dessert

Shamrock Drops 
Shamrock Drops

I have no Irish in me but the Chosen One does so of course the boys do and heck, I always love a reason to celebrate.  I'll share Monday with what I actually end up doing. For now, have a glorious weekend from me and this sweetie....


  1. I think you all celebrate it much more than we do! One thing, though - we never call him "Paddy" round here. We'll be marking the day by going to watch a big Rugby match

    1. I guess Paddy might be a bit irreverent for a saint :/ I think Amercians celebrate almost everything more than others lol

  2. It sounds as if you will be having a good time this weekend - I love the earings!. We' re about to have an enormous bonfire!

  3. We're having corned beef & cabbage today as an earlier celebration - leftovers for tomorrow! :>)

  4. Your nails looked amazing, by the way! :)

  5. Wow! You are going all out Bev! I love the fact that you all celebrate in such a big way! It looks like it will be quite a party!


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