23 March 2014

a peek at my week

a peek at the week of march 23rd

the Gathering of the Goddesses continues
Hot Desert Springs, Palm Springs, LA
flying home
the arrival of the Chosen One's step dad for a visit
Breaking Bread dinner group
start of a very special secret project

a peek at my glorious life! 
what will I see if I peek into yours this week?


  1. You'd see mild panic at the thought of being away on a craft weekend in five days' time! Like the gathering of the goddesses - such an evocative phrase.

  2. I love that you call your get together the Gathering of the Goddesses. Enjoy the time that remains with them x

  3. Have a safe trip home, Beverly! Looking forward to hearing more about your special secret project...

  4. "very special secret project" - now I call that teasing! LOL

  5. The goddess gathering sounds terrific fun ..and I'm intrigued about the secret project!


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