04 January 2014

Sharing on Saturday

snow day essentials

My favorite winter activity 
is going back inside and 
putting my pajamas on.

Some snow day activities

Snow Themed Books {Books, Treats, and Activities Perfect for Snow Days}

It hasn't snowed here and none is in the forecast but I know many of you have snow. We'll be near 60 tomorrow then a projected hi of 24 Tuesday.

Winter amazing quotes 2013 Winter amazing quotes 2013 Funny

Stay warm, stay safe!


  1. When I saw the "snow essentials" pop up in my reader I was intrigued! I thought hmmm... What's this about? I get tired of the snow, mostly the shovelling and the dangers of walking in winter! For whatever reason I tend to slip on ice and I managed to do just that over a week ago, shovelling no less! So if I was going to add to the list of essentials it would be good footwear ;). I do like the quote you shared, because that is so true. Winter does bring us closer and I do love a good fire :)

    1. I would think goof footwear including awesome socks :) Stay safe ....and upright!

  2. Oh my, those little snowmen sticks are so cute!!

    1. I know, now I just need an excuse to make them!


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