26 January 2014

a peek at my week

a peek at the week of january 26th

     final preparations
     a 5:35 am flight, we won't discuss what time that means
              arriving at the airport
     warmer temperatures (but I do not want it to snow while I 
              am away)
     1 night/2 days with Gloria
     sunsets over the ocean
     exploring with the Chosen One
     lions and tigers and bears oh my!

a peek into my glorious life!

what will I see if I peek into yours this week?


  1. Have fun on your trip! We're headed to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days & then hopefully the kids will return to school.

  2. It sounds lovely. Have fun!

  3. Mine will be a lot more humdrum! Wishing you all a lovely time ...

  4. Have a lovely week Beverly! I'm hoping for a quiet week here at home to catch up on some chores, a little scrapping, and more decluttering.


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