03 December 2013

Time for Tea

I'm so glad we could finally find a day with unscheduled time in it to share a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. It has turned cold here, mid 50s and yes, I consider that cold so I haven't fixed any sweet tea or lemonade this time. We are suppose to be in the low to mid 70s Thursday and Friday which makes me a happy girl. I'd offer you some leftover pumpkin pie bars or pecan pie bars alas there are none. They were a hit and disappeared over our holiday weekend. I'll be sharing both recipes soon.

Fall was filled with planning our church's first fall bazaar and participating in it, ECU football and a good amount of learning and creating. The bazaar was a loooootttt of work. We had 38 vendors and a cafe. For a first time event it was deemed a success and the vendor feedback was graciously positive. We won't have our wrap up meeting until January so hopefully we've all made notes and will be fully recovered lol.

 I have inventory so am participating in a Drop & Shop at a friend's home this coming weekend. 

My Pirates have had a phenomenal season, beating some in state but out of conference teams that have always looked a bit down on us, whhoohhhoo those victories were sweet!  We ended the regular season 9-2 and are headed to a bowl game over the holidays. Do you follow any college sports teams? I enjoy college football and basketball but am not a fan of pro sports.

Our church called a new full time senior minister and it has been so exciting. You can truly feel the joy and energy people are experiencing. I have no doubt God is going to be using us in glorious ways to glorify Him. I am on 2 new teams, one is planning dinner groups and the other is brainstorming ideas for small groups .... my heart is that we need to build deeper than surface relationships and I can't wait for these seeds to grow!

Thanksgiving brought the traditional meal, time in Oriental with family and online shopping. If you don't know, I am not a shopper, I do not enjoy it at all but I do love buying gifts so online shopping is perfect for me.  Do you love shopping? Some of my best friends are shopaholics, some are also early shoppers. As in, they are buying Christmas gifts in April. That's not me either, I love buying and wrapping in December. Now, if I see the perfect thing for you I'll get it whenever but Christmas is not generally on my mind in the summer. Being at the river while the majority of Raleigh is hit with traffic and crowds is the best choice, don't you agree?

Your face says it all, you understand where I am coming from! 

Are you in the midst of any projects? Are you one of the Friendship Quilt 12?  I have just mailed off my first two squares, hopefully since I am now more confident I will be more timely. I am also doing a Christmas quilt for us and have ordered the fabrics of The Pirate's graduation quilt. I hope to finish my coiled rag bowl before tomorrow night since I am helping teach how to make them. They are easy but the arthritis in my hands particularly my thumbs are making it clear I will have to allow a longer period of time in the future so I can do shorter sessions.

Yes, I'd love to stop by your home and see what you are up to creating!! And if you're not creating, what are you reading, I'm downloading books for Daddy's Kindle? Thank you so much for dropping by today, I'll expect you again at the end of the month.

If you'd like to chat some more why not drop by Abi's where you can always enjoy a cuppa tea and links to other homes expectantly waiting for you!


  1. Love the photo of all the loyal Pirates, even though I am a UNC girl...it was music for me ya know, not the team thing. Your church, and your community are so lucky, they have YOU!

  2. My sister LOVES to shop but I am like you. I avoid it at all costs! Your bowl looks really fun!

  3. Thank you for that lovely tea and chat Bev. I can't wait to see that pecan bar recipe! The goings on in your church look so exciting. Praying over here that God richly blesses your Church as you grow together.

  4. What a wonderful catch-up. I'll look forward to those recipes. I always enjoy reading stories from other sports fans.

  5. I haven't really decided whether I like online shopping yet. I love Etsy for sure, but I've been lucky in the past to be able to do my shopping early in my lunch hour in a major city, but I'm not there this year. I hate the crowds that start around now though.
    Have a lovely December

  6. I have taken advantage of online shopping quite a bit this year, but when it gets closer to Christmas I do love to be in the shops with all the atmosphere. In our town we often have the Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas Carols in the weekends leading up to the big day and it sounds amazing, it really lifts your heart. I have loved visiting and whilst it feels cold to you, it feels lovely to those of us from cold old England!

  7. What a lovely newsy post. I've enjoyed catching up with you today, while I drink my coffee.

  8. It has been a pleasure to pop in and hear your enthusiasm for your church events and connections, and see what you have been doing with the bowl - it's coming along nicely! I do love those photos of the water ... I hate shopping too, though online shopping also make me feel poorly!

  9. So nice to find time for a visit Beverly! Sounds like the bazaar went well. We've been involved in several small groups through our church that have led to wonderful relationships. We don't follow any college sports, but I've always been a Dallas Cowboys fan (and adopted Robbie's Cleveland Browns when we got married)!

    I've just finished up a mini-album and am working on a few layouts with my LSS design team kit for December. I reviewed several books on my blog earlier this week - I've been reading a LOT this year.

  10. It's always a pleasure to swap chat about creative projects! yes, I'm in the middle of making my quilt squares and I'm enjoying doing them very much.

    shopping? I enjoy it. And I'm quite happy just to look. I don't have to buy to have a good time. I'm a browser.


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