28 December 2013

Sharing on Saturdays

Wow! The last Saturday of 2014! Usually it takes me well into February before I am completely good at writing the new year but for some odd reason for the last month 2014 has been inserting itself into both my writing and speech. I'll just take that as excitement for what lies ahead.

Do What You Love For Life Logo

I have joined the New Year's Revolution.
"Are you ready to make major changes in your life? Do you want to look ahead to 2014 with excitement and anticipation? Do you want to make it the year you finally do what you love? If so read on because this is for you
Doing what you love doesn’t happen overnight. It is an attitude, and a way of life, and it takes courage and boldness to make the tough decisions which let you get there. It also takes thought and planning, so we have created this special gift to help you on your way.‘New Year’s Revolution: A practical kit to help you make 2014 the year you do what you love’ is a FREE 24-page PDF to help you extract the good from 2013, look ahead and shape your 2014 into the year you want it to be. It includes a powerful technique to help you make dreams into reality, and make your ideas happen."
Pop over here to download your free copy and to learn more.

I have found several cute and free pdfs to use for New Year's Eve or Day journaling.
This is one is offered over at Somewhat Simple


There is no known creator for this one  

New year

and you know I love this

Have a resolution photo booth.

have family and guests commit in a photo

Enjoy your last few days of 2013!


  1. Love the look of the first one....I'm going to take a look.

    1. I think it will be beneficial, Jacky, the FB group is a bit overwhelming though. Everyone seems to be extremely talented and out in the real world.

  2. I wrote out five goals for 2014 last week & have chosen a word for the first time - FUN! I'm looking forward to 2014!

    1. now that should be a great motivating word!

  3. I like the second one, with the various things you want to do. I'm still working out what my plans for 2014 are

    1. I am as well but planning on wrapping most of them up tmw then the Chosen One and I will spend New Year's Eve planning the fun stuff and home improvement projects.

  4. What a fun post today! I've chosen a new One Little Word for 2014 and enrolled in a few online classes. I'm planning a few year end posts as well.

  5. I just took a look at DWYL. What a powerful tool!
    Thanks for sharing.


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