28 November 2013

Five Things.....

I am thankful for in 2013

It's Thanksgiving today in the United States so it seemed the perfect topic for my Five Things. Of course I am thankful for and have expressed gratitude for all those things that come first to mind but I thought I would share five more personal gratitudes.
This year I am filled with gratitude for these five things.
1. Three weeks before she unexpectedly and suddenly passed away the Chosen Ones moma felt well and attended the Beast and SweetGirls wedding. Fun, laughter and love were shared and beautiful memories were created.
2. Words cannot express how grateful I am that my SpecialSister is doing well in this stage of her journey and that she is in a place that takes such good care of her. I am grateful that even though she isnt always positive of which sister is with her, we share moments of silliness and laughter and kisses. When her situation was so precarious last winter I was so frightened that this wouldnt be so.
3. The Chosen One and I are thankful that we make a final tuition payment in December. From before they were born it has been our dream and our prayer for our sons to graduate from college debt free. It is a gift my parents gave me and one we feel fortunate to have been able to give them.
4. Our church has a gifted minister in place and so many exciting things are beginning to happen. It is going to be a joy to see how God uses Forest Hills and His people.
5. Our sons and their loves choose to spend time with us. Whether its watching football (or visiting while others do, SweetGirl), sitting around the dinner table, playing games, talking or hunkering down for popcorn and a movie, my and the Chosen Ones souls feel a deep satisfaction and appreciation in those moments that they are present. It is well with my soul.

What are you thankful for in 2013?


  1. What a lovely post! People seem to feature so prominently in your gratitude - lots of love surrounds you :).

    1. It does, Alexa and I am thankful every day .

  2. I agree with Alexa. This is a wonderful post. . . . so appreciative of the blessings in your life.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. I am truly blessed with so many wonderful, loving people in my life :)


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