15 October 2013


hello week of october 14th
hello to a lunch and learn
hello to button bracelets
hello to 2 days with 5th graders
hello to time with glorious friends
hello to a home football game
hello to wonderful happenings at our church


  1. Sounds like a grat week! Button bracelets sound intriguing!

  2. Busy as always I see, Beverlly...enjoy!!
    Alison xx

  3. Hello Beverly. Enjoy your busy week x

  4. You sound very excited about all the things happening in your church - am I right in remembering you have a new pastor recently? Like the sound of the button bracelets - and hoping you are going to show us :).

  5. A lovely bunch of Hello's this week. I'm curious about the button bracelets...

  6. Looking forward to hearing more about your church. I loved the photo of a button bracelet on IG. Am I right in thinking you used it as a necklace instead?


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