13 August 2013

hello monday

hello week of august 12th
hello to calligraphy class with SweetGirl & Harriet
hello to crafting with Joyce
hello to brainstorming with Billie
Hello to our first Coffee & Crafts project of the new year
hello to getting some direction in repairing a painting someone else did
hello to giving a lot of thought to business opportunities
hello to the last semester of ordering textbooks for two college students

hello to my glorious life

what are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Sounds like a 'crsfty' week.

  2. Oh, the calligraphy class sounds great! I'm saying 'hello' to having my kitchen decorated and a friend round to craft on Wednesday evening after work!

  3. Calligraphy & crafting & brainstorming - definitely sounds like a good week. I'm saying Hello to another week of staying out of the heat, crafting a little at home, and then a friend's Crafty Birthday Party on Friday.

  4. Busy, busy week. Though that must be strange buying the last college books. I felt very odd when I kept seeing adverts for school uniform and realised I never had to buy it again. Relief tinged with sadness :0)

  5. I loved the little peeks of calligraphy on Instagram! How fun! This week for me? I'm starting back to a regular yoga class this Saturday, bought a new mat for the occasion and I'm ready to go! Have a great week! xo

  6. I loved seeing your photos on IG of the calligraphy class. Looked fab!


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