13 July 2013

Sharing on Saturday

Demotivational posters Whatever it is I don't want to be around when it comes back

15 Kitchen Shortcuts & Timesavers

Paula Deen’s Lemon Blossoms. I have made these several times, and they are always the hit of the party!


and lastly for all my readers that are fans of Doctor Who, the Pirate Girl discovered these

Yes, you are most welcome (they do nothing for me)

Hope your weekend is glorious, SweetGirl has a birthday tomorrow!


  1. Dr Who cutters....I can't believe it!!! I'm sure we don't have them over here.

  2. Gosh, I had no idea there was such a thing as Dr Wno cutters ... A little late for our family but perhaps the next generation will refind him! Thank you for,the links ...

  3. I love the cutters but I can't imagine actually being able to get a cookie out of them. Too many small tight areas for the dough to get trapped in. Unless they are the sort that stamps an image on a cookie rather than cutting it out. I'd love a set to go with my Star Wars ones.


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