15 July 2013

hello monday

hello week of july 15th
hello to a planning meeting for a new event
hello to my creative muse returning (she showed up Friday, so excited!)
hello to the the dentist
hello to planning for the 2012-13 crafting group's calendar
hello to visiting the Special Sister in her new private room
hello to making up some freezable breakfasts for the Pirate
hello to the final 6 month diagnostic mammogram (no worries ;> )
hello to celebrating SweetGirl and Mama's birthdays Sunday


  1. Some nice celebratory things in there! Hope the dental and medical stuff is OK too.

  2. Lots of celebration Bev. Enjoy the birthdays and seeing your special sister.

  3. Congrats on the muse returning!

  4. Glad your muse is back and enjoy the visit with your Sis!
    Both kids are off to the dentist tomorrow, and i"m heading to the eye doctor.

    1. I am happy she's back, too!!! I have all my annuals in the same month which makes it easy overall but for a week or two it feels like all I do is go to doctors @@

  5. So glad to hear about the muse...enjoy your visit with Pat!
    Alison xx


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