11 June 2013

hello Monday
hello week of June 10th
hello to being a mother in law
hello to wedding recovery week
hello to some quality time with Pearl
hello to turning the Beast’s bedroom into a guest room/exercise space
hello to a night of painting at Wine & Design with my crafty friends from church
hello to a routine check in with the sleep doctor
hello to workouts with Bob
hello to seeing more and more wedding weekend photos
hello to our 27th wedding anniversary
hello to my glorious life

what are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Happy Anniversary. I am loving the photos popping up on fb. from the wedding. It looks beautiful.

  2. That sounds like a week full of interest! Love the sound of Wine and Design, and the new decorating and home makeover plans sound energising too. Photos, please!

  3. Mother-in-law! I like the ring of that.


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