25 May 2013

Sharing on Saturdays

For you, dear Deb
Kiwi Turtle Fruit Cake
How to draw on your chalkboard like a pro! Lots of free templates on this site too. You can do it!
This is a teaser of things to come :)
Strawberry Pie Recipe ~ this is like Shoney's Strawberry pie.... if you are from the south you are familiar with this...best pie EVER
Lots of us have access to amazing fresh strawberries right now, why don't we all make a pie this week?
Baked Cauliflower Cheese Sticks with Marinara Sauce
Have a glorious weekend, a long one if you are in America, as it is Memorial Day weekend.


  1. That last one looks delicious!!

  2. Ooooh what a CUTE turtle/kiwi cake! Thanks for thinking of me. :) And I love the chalkboard tutorial - one of those "why didn't I think to do that!?!?" moments.


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