11 May 2013

Sharing on Saturdays

Southern Butter Pecan Frozen Delight - A rich and creamy frozen desert - I can't wait to try it!



Magnolia Pods

Painter Yolanda Sanchez

awe...so so cute

Prayer will change you so very true

I hope you have a glorious weekend! Happy Mother's Day!
I am so blessed, I get to spend today with my Mama and then tomorrow I get to spend the day worshipping and celebrating with the Chosen One, the Beast, the Pirate and SweetGirl.  Even when people try to put bumps in your road if you focus on the people in your life, the bumps smooth right on out. That and prayer, I love how being close to Him brings me into peace.


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you!

    This weekend I'm going to have a go at keeping calm and staying classy

  2. Good luck! Recently, I have had my grandmother whispering to my soul and in difficult circumstances it has helped me stay true to Who I am and Whose I am. I hope you are finally getting some solid spring weather on your side of the pond. I still am very out of the blogworld loop but know this too shall pass ;)

  3. That turtle pie looks so delicious!!! And the flowers are indeed very pretty.


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