20 May 2013

hello monday

hello week of May 20th
hello to the boys having celebrated the Beast with a Pub Crawl, taxis and hotel rooms, very proud of
         his Best Men...gotta love all those points we earn when you can do three rooms free and still
         have points to enjoy!
hello printing on bags...lots of bags... yes, I am excited, yes, it's wedding related and ....maybe I'll
         give you a tiny peek
hello to a meeting about a special event occurring in November
hello to a birthday dinner with some most glorious friends and prayer warriors
hello to time with the Special Sister
hello to the guys hanging out with Kenny Chesney while the girls say....
hello to the party for SweetGirl that those 2 lovelies mentioned above are hosting to
          celebrate her
hello to a new nail color
hello to my glorious life and praising God for it!

What are you saying hello to this week?!


  1. What a fun, celebratory list of hello's!
    I'm saying hello to looking forward to a trip.

  2. Wonderfully upbeat post to greet me this morning! Hoping you have a lovely week ...

  3. It sounds like you have so much fun stuff planned especially with the wedding. Enjoy! x

  4. Hello to finally having my hair long enough for a pony tail.
    Hello to solo-parenting for a few days.
    Hello to a 3-day weekend coming up.
    Hello to sewing clothes for my little boy.
    Hello to seeing you later this week!!

  5. It's so lovely to hear your happy tone inbetween all those happy things you are saying hello to this week, Beverly. I'm saying hello to packing for a trip to California this weekend with Carrie...going to see family and mostly my sweet grandma. :o)

  6. Sounds like an exciting time! I'm saying Hello to a week at home now that school is out - time to clean & organize, a book club meeting, lunch with a friend, a scrap day with another friend, and a house that's just had a face life completed this morning (new exterior paint, new roof, new gutters).

  7. Sounds like some great stuff is going on in your life!


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