06 April 2013

Sharing on Saturday

Ohhhhhh Preppy Frye, show these to The Banker

how to make a craft room with $0 budget. This woman is an inspiration! Very clever solutions.

Roasted, smashed sweet potatoes - spicy and sweet inside, crunchy outside.

RosalindRevival.com | Egg Cheese Bacon Bake
This is my friend, Deb’s daughter’s blog

~@Bevvvvverly Edwards- this made me think of you!
Patience, pinned this for me :)

It's funny cause it's true. I hate it!!

so clever!  Dry erase boards from white corner tiles - this is SO smart for labeling food at parties!!!

Cougar in the Forest


  1. That moon pairing was so true!!!
    I've never taken a decent picture of the moon.

  2. An interesting mix as always Beverly :o) I thought it was just me that ended up with the moon looking like that!

  3. You always find an interesting collection of things to share! As it's lunchtime here, I am particularly drawn to those crispy, roasted sweet potatoes!

  4. Had to smile at the moon one!
    Alison xx

  5. I can never resist an envelope, so this is a perfect post for me! Thank-you for the inspiration :).

  6. Fun bunch of finds, Beverly. I love the captain/pirate piece!

    Did you try Carrie's breakfast dish? She has yet to make it for Doug and me...maybe this weekend...


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