01 April 2013

hello monday

hello...to this gloriously magnificent 71 degree day ( that's not in the forecast again until Sunday but then a week of 80s before I head south!!!)
hello...making at least a dozen cards (challenging myself here)
hello...watching my ECU Pirates play in the finals of the CIT tournament
hello... to teaching a group of seniors how to make tissue paper flowers
hello ...to prepping for vacation
hello...to a day with SweetGirl checking things off the wedding to do list
hello...celebrating 2 newly engaged couples at parties Saturday

hello to my glorious life!


  1. Sounds like a really fun week!

    1. so far, it's great! Yesterday was warmer than expected, I made 7 cards and ECU's men's basketball team won the championship game in the CIT :)

  2. Lots to look forward to, Beverly!
    Alison xx

  3. Wow, lots going on! Enjoy your week & your great weather!


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