22 March 2013

hello monday um weekend

Yes, a little more than late saying hello to this week but since I have a plan for these posts I wanted to still get one in.

hello to long productive workouts
hello to creating for another auction
hello to plating desserts for Wednesday night dinner
hello to checking things off the list for the wedding
hello to Spring (though she is entering timidly and 10 degrees below normal)
hello to rolling and gluing magazine pages
hello to the Chosen One's Lasik surgery
hello to Small Fryeday
hello to Evening with Friends
hello to Palm Sunday and the Easter Cantata
hello to hosting along with my Sunday School class a Ladies' Tea Luncheon for the women's 75+                  


  1. do you still work for pay?? If so, you must not sleep,,,,

  2. Still subbing, Tricia but only when it fits my schedule :)

  3. Small Fryeday is my favorite...but I'm biased! It warms my heart more than you know to have such wonderful friends helping us raise him!

  4. Looks like lots of fun stuff in the works Bev. Enjoy! x

  5. I hope it was a lovely week! Last week we had beautiful spring weather ... this week back to colder temps & a few gray days! :>(

  6. That looks busy… and intrigued to know what you will be doing with the magazine rolling and gluing?

    1. Alexa, hoping to have the project finished soon!


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