11 February 2013

hello monday


hello monday……
     hello to wedding planning with SweetGirl and her mama
     hello to baking cookies and creating care packages of love to mail my Pirates and
             valentine’s goodies for the Beast and SweetGirl
     hello to 1?, 2?, 3?, 4? more days in 2nd gradethe cogs of HR are moving a tad  
             slow for the new teacher
     hello to the beginning of Lent and Ash Wednesday services
hello to mailing lots of valentines
hello to the Special Sister and the Baby BIL’s  birthdays
hello to making the right choices
hello to time with SmallFrye
hello to a special night in with the Chosen One
hello to this glorious life


  1. Don't forget hello to time spent with sweet Pearl and your wonderful granddog! What a wonderful read to start my week and remind me of some of the things I need to say hello to. Sounds like you have a very busy week. Your friends say a big hello to our friend BE!

    1. Not sure I'll get any Darby time this week but now that I have finished out my sub job, Pearl and I will have lots of quality time :)

  2. Lots of lovely things happening for you this week Beverly...enjoy!!
    Alison xx


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