26 January 2013

Sharing Saturday

The Bertana Adoption Fund Online Auction was a huge success 
surpassing the goal of $500 raised in 5 days!

Now onto some things I have come across and want to share with you..

Downloadable Masks ~ Links to tons of printable masks... Including superheroes, cartoon characters, political characters, and many more!

Jellyfish by Jessica Durrant

32 DIY:: Hangers For Storage, Decor, and Organization

Snacks For Before & After Your Workout.

Stir cucumber into Laughing Cow cheese, spread on tortillas, layer with turkey slices, and roll up...perfect lunch from Rachel Ray.

Helena La Petite: 6 things every blogger should know about photography

Hope you are having a glorious weekend!
This is how ours started off....


  1. Wonderful news about the auction :)

  2. Oh that is fantastic news about the auction! :o)

    And I love your pins this week. That long beard and bird are just adorable!


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