07 August 2012


a weekly  "when the spirit moves us" challenge to actually create something inspired by 

I have pulled three pinterest ideas I want to try this week, a bit ambitious considering I've been batting a zero but I am yearning for a creative release. Two are food and I have to feed the family anyway plus I have a family reunion Saturday. I thought SweetGirl would be here for dinner tonight so checked out my board for gluten free foods and chose the Spinach, Brown Rice and Feta Casserole. Alexis, this might be right up your alley! The recipe came from the Easy to Be Gluten Free blog  I won't reprint the recipe since I followed it pretty much to the letter but the link takes you straight to it. All four of us enjoyed it, very Greek tasting.

Monday I posted this 

and offered up a canvas as a giveaway. Just so the winner won't be disappointed..heads up, it won't look just like this but will have these words, the winner can give me some color preferences as well.
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The winner is Dale, who originally posted her comment on FB and I moved it over here. Dale, let me know what colors you want  included.      
I'm passing two books but I will have three names chosen from the comments. If you are only interested in one just note which one in your comment.The first book is

Those extraordinary little events in your life happen for a reason.
A coincidence-sometimes a silly little thing-changes the course of your day . . .
or even your life. Is it chance, or is God communicating with you?
When God Winks at You is packed with true stories demonstrating that God does communicate with us, making incredible things happen in our lives every single day. As you read the riveting accounts of everyday and famous people-including Tim Conway, Rudolph Giuliani, Billy Graham, and Don Knotts-you will begin to recognize the godwinks in your own life, both past and present. Through these tangible signposts from God, we receive personalized messages that reassure us, stop us from worrying, chart our path in life, and help us keep the faith.

When God winks, He is reaffirming that there is absolutely nothing about us that He does not know-our every hurt, our every desire.

And that to me is very comforting. -Squire Rushnell

The second book is
In today's world, with its relentless emphasis on success and productivity, we have lost the necessary rhythm of life, the balance between work and rest. Constantly striving, we feel exhausted and deprived in the midst of great abundance. We long for time with friends and family, we long for a moment to ourselves. 

Millennia ago, the tradition of Sabbath created an oasis of sacred time within a life of unceasing labor. Now, in a book that can heal our harried lives, Wayne Muller, author of the spiritual classic How, Then, Shall We Live?, shows us how to create a special time of rest, delight, and renewal--a refuge for our souls. 

We need not even schedule an entire day each week. Sabbath time can be a Sabbath afternoon, a Sabbath hour, a Sabbath walk. With wonderful stories, poems, and suggestions for practice, Muller teaches us how we can use this time of sacred rest to refresh our bodies and minds, restore our creativity, and regain our birthright of inner happiness.

I loved this book so much I am buying a copy to keep. Thank you, Melissa for passing this copy to me. I am actually buying 2 copies, I'll pass this one on in keeping with the spirit of Pass the Book meaning it should go to someone with a blog who will in turn pass it on through their blog. These books return to Melissa after a year of international travel and we each write a note in the book as we pass it on. The 2nd copy I would like to give to someone that doesn't have a blog and of course the third is for me. So in your comments just put (blogger) or (non blogger) so I'll know which grouping to have you in for the drawing.
BEAST updateHe is eating better and sleeping a bit more. The pain meds still aren't ideal and he has a new pain today. I'll feel better when Monday gets here and we see the surgeon. He wanted me to thank all of you so much for your thoughts and prayers. He will continue to need them.
Remember every day is a glorious gift...make it memorable!


  1. the casserole sounds interesting.

    I'd be interested in the Sabbath book.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Sabbath book Beverly! And what a great giveaway to offer another one! That original will eventually go back to Cheri, who offered it up for one of this year's Pass the Book - isn't it fun how so many of us are getting to enjoy great books!


YOU ROCK! Seriously, I love getting comments, so know that you have put a bit of added sunshine in my day. Thanks so much and I hope your day is glorious!