28 June 2012

Queso Blanco Dip.....Muy Delicioso

Do you love the queso dip on the menu at Mexican restaurants? We do and the idea of making it at home and having the same taste was worth a try. I looked at several recipes and finally just pulled what I wanted from each one.  The results were awesome!

approx 20 oz of white American cheese (I used the Harris Teeter brand and
         had them cut me a big chunk, it was more like 22 oz)
1/2 cup cold water
2/3 cup whole milk ( I used whole this time but since I never buy it, I may try
        skim next time, thinking it'll make a diff though so maybe I'll use only 1/2 
2-4 T diced pickled jalapenos (I have heat lovers so go high)
1-3 T pickled jalapeno juice  (see above)
6 oz diced green chilies

Cut cheese into 1 inch cubes and place in 2 qt microwaveable bowl. Add all other ingredients. Microwave on high 2 minutes, stir, repeat until cheese is fully melted (for me this was 7-8 minutes). It will be pretty runny (remember, it is in the restaurant too) Let sit a few minutes to thicken a bit then serve with chips. You may also serve in a fondue pot but it didn't cool too much during our dinner. We ended up putting it on top of our Mexican casserole, too...yum!  Believe it or not, with five of us enjoying it we had leftovers to reheat and enjoy day 2. This really did come incredibly close to the restaurant dip. Play with the jalapenos, juice and chilies to get the right heat index for your family.

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  1. That does look good, especially since Ireland's a bit short on passable Mexican food!

  2. That sounds yummy - of course, just about anything starting with white American cheese sounds yummy to me. LOL I'll have to give this a try!


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