12 May 2012

Sharing on Saturdays

My dear and talented friend, Gloria Stengel has a blog called Scraps of Life and since November of 2008 she has had over 125k visitors to her blog. Gloria serves on many design teams and her blog is full of her amazing creations and often tutorials. The last year has been pretty glorious for Gloria in the stamping/card making world and she wanted to spread the love. Today on her blog she is sharing the links to blogs of her real life friends and I am one. I decided for Sharing on Saturdays I would "lift" an image off each of her friends' blogs, etsy shops, Facebook pages and give you a peek at their talent. The link for each of them is also provided. Hope on over and leave them a message of encouragement and drop by  Scraps of Life and tell Gloria you came from here if you are one of my readers. If you got here from Gloria or any other of her friends...welcome, I hope you'll take a minute to look around. My blog is much more a life blog than an art blog. Hope you have a glorious time checking everyone out! Thanks for stopping by ;)

JACQUIE   What Did I Do Today?

JAMIE   GigisThreads

KAREN   By Design

MELODY   a paper melody

PATIENCE   virtue 75 etsy

PATIENCE and CHRIS   www.chrisandpatience.com

PAULA   the paper spa

SANDY   upper case living

CHRISTINE  Scrap Scha4 







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  1. Thank you for once again sharing my information. Love the photos at the end of the post. Much love my friend!

  2. What an amazing post! Thanks for playing along, B. love ya!

  3. I love how you put together you post today- it was such a wonderful intro for everyone, I enjoyed visiting your blog today thanks for stopping by to visit mine, feel free to come back anytime!

  4. WOW! your post rocks :)
    so fun to "meet" other IRL friends of Gloria!!!

  5. My goodness, so many lovely links here - and some great photos of your own. I love that quote abut 'today' ...


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