17 May 2012


Amy Over at Our Place suggested we look in our 21st folder and share the 7th photo ....this is it lol The Beast giving some love to the Pirate's deer. The Pirate bought some furniture off craigslist for his apartment last spring. When he and the Chosen One returned from the seller's house with not only a couch but a TV, TV stand and this deer head @@
Want to play along? Share what that photo is for you in the comments or if you have a blog link it up here!


  1. Ha! Yes, that is a funny shot! It is fun to flick through the old photos though - it is amazing what we take photos of isn't it?!

  2. Oh my - it reminds me of how my grandparents had one of these in their home hanging above the stairs on the way to the attic bedroom. Great shot!


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