24 April 2012

Pinterest = Tuesday = Pinspiration


It's Tuesday and I have had little Pinspiration going on this past week. I am on the bereavement team at church, we prepare the meal that is served before or after visitation and the funeral for the family. We have two person lead teams that are responsible for the needs two months a year. My team mate and I have April and October. In 2011 our church had 10 members graduate to glory. As of Friday our church family has had 11 members pass away. Between last Monday (4/16) and today (4/24) we have had 4 funerals....Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday.  It is a privilege to serve these mourning families of faithful servants, I just pray that things slow down. We do have a good number of elderly members but it seems too many are leaving us.

The Pirate was home this weekend for my birthday!!! The Beast and SweetGirl were with us Saturday afternoon and night and we all attended 11:00 worship and had lunch together Sunday. Sunday night at Oasis (our church youth gathering) I poured lots of paint and chatted with them as they painted ceiling tiles ..it is going to be a very cool finished project. My Wordless Wednesday will give you a peek.

Today I am off to spend time with the Sweetest Sister so my parents can have a few days away. The Pirate and PirateGirl are driving over to my hometown tonight for a homecooked meal. I'm fixing ham, fresh green beans, mac and cheese, deviled eggs and corn on the cob. Yum! More time with Sweetest Sister then home by way of the gym. I have 6 orders this week to finish and am subbing Thursday and Friday. If you see many posts from me it'll mean late nights are happening.

I do have one Pinspiration but will hold it for next week since I'd have to scan it, etc.  
For those of you that I am mailing things to ... that hasn't happened :( so sorry, I am aiming for a Saturday morning run to the post office. I'll email you when the packages have gone postal!

I do want you to check out a few other Pinterest inspired posts so that you don't feel neglected ;)
I'll be catching up on blog reading and commenting this coming weekend!



  1. You've got it already Beverly!...have just come in the door and was going to send you the link! Have a good time with Pat..and hope your parents enjoy the break
    Alison xx

  2. Oh my, that's quite a few funerals in procession. I've been on that committee a few times, too, and it's a lot of work when there's just one. May you be blessed for your commitment to serve!

  3. Things sound very busy for you right now. I hope they slow down some

  4. I'm just catching up on blog reading today. I hope that your days have slowed down a little bit. thank you for linking to my post.


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