10 March 2012

Ten on the Tenth

So today is Saturday, March 10th....Saturday means my Sharing on Saturdays, the 10th means Shimelle's Ten Things on the Tenth and March 10th is the Beast's (24th) birthday. I think I'll share ten things about the Beast.

1. He is very smart in math. In high school the teacher would call out mental math problems and before he could get the answer on the calculator, the Beast would have the correct answer. Just don't ask him how to do a math problem, he doesn't know he just knows the answer. Drove his teachers nuts.

2. When he develops an interest in a subject or hobby he goes all in, getting the proper knowledge and equipment. No getting your feet wet first for him.

3. He has dimples and blue eyes that dance with mischief.

4. His hair is super curly but SweetGirl has never seen it that way. He wears it buzzed short.

5. He earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do when he was in the third grade.

6. He is adventurous and spontaneous and seems to be missing that component in the brain that imparts fear to protect us.

7. He is a very hard worker. He goes to college full time studying accounting and works full time at a car dealership.

8. He loves bacon!

9. Family is important to him.

photo by Cheryl Smith

photo by Sheila Colosimo

10. He has spent the past week on an island with his parents and SweetGirl. He is spending his 24th birthday in the car for over 12 hours. 

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  1. What fun facts about the Beast - Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Can't believe I've forgotten about the 10th again and yet you are away and so organised to schedule. Happy Birthday to the Beast :0)

  3. Lovely to read and I remember the bacon cake! Happy birthday to him and may you all have a splendid time and safe journeys.

  4. Great list! I hope the Beast has a wonderful birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to the Beast! Hope he has a great day and a wonderful year. :)

  6. Happy birthday 'The Beast'! May there be a huge bacon decorated birthday cake waiting for you on your return ;-)

  7. What a nice tribute, and I also love the bacon cake!

  8. Hope 'the Beast' has had a safe and happy Birthday!
    Alison xx

  9. Happy birthday to your Beastie boy, Beverly! This is a great post and it was fun to learn about your son this way. Carrie will be 24 this year too. :o)


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