17 March 2012

Sharing on Saturdays


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  I have n'ary a drop of Irish blood in me and I don't care for regular beer much less green but I do think Ireland is gorgeous, green is one of my favorite colors and the Chosen One (therfore the Beast and the Pirate) have some Irish flowing through them.
Irish Soda Bread AND it's gluten free!


Colcannon is a mix of mashed potatoes with chopped cooked kale, green onions, milk or cream, and lots of butter. Thinking this might definitely get made tonight!

Thinking this should go on our list of drink additions to make.
Hang in a minute or two through the MC's intro and you will feel truly inspired


  1. You must definately try colcannon....it's delicious.

  2. Great list! You'll have to let us know what you think of the colcannon. I've never tried it. I figured I'd wait until I make a trip to Ireland. :)

  3. Love that dress!

    Not a fan of colcannon personally but probably because it was always served with corned beef which I really cannot stand. :)

  4. I have a similar green dress which I'm hoping can be altered so that I can wear it to a Wedding in June!
    Alison xx

  5. Colcannon with cabbage rather than Kale is what we like here. Happy St Patrick's Day

  6. What a lovely bunch of green stuff! And I thoroughly enjoyed the Kila bit - something I would have never found on my own so thanks very much! :o)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Beverly!

  7. Lovely list! I remember colcannon with cabbage, as a child. And potato bread. And boxty... Hoping you had a lovely day!

  8. I love that green dress! And so much Irish Soda Bread on Pinterest I was tempted to make it just to try it. Although it didn't happen!


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