10 February 2012

Ten Things on the Tenth

How many of the Ten lists this month do you think will focus on LOVE in some shape or form?  I thought about sharing 10 bits of my "52 Reasons I Love You" project with you but I don't give it to the Chosen One for 4 more days. Now, I don't think there's a high probability that he would see them here first but it's not worth the chance, is it? I was sitting in my studio pondering what to focus on, swaying side to side in my chair, aimlessly (?) looking around the (very cluttered) studio and started noticing the things I love about it, the things that make me smile and make this a happy place for me. Now that's a good topic isn't it? I haven't shown peeks of my studio in maybe years plus the added benefit of it forcing me to straighten up. me accepting that it is what it is. Sorry to those of you that stopped by earlier and saw no pics, I had it in auto post instead of draft and had not moved the pics over.
So without further ado....

Ten Things I Love About My Studio

1. my Hannbelles, made by a local artist

2. my very cute polka dot bowl

3. my ribbon shelf, I have had two of these since summer and the Chosen One just put them up over Christmas. They will be packed full once I make the holes a bit larger to fit on the dowels. I love that they give me another place to put photos, etc.

4. My storage closet and the curtain  put up instaed of the bifold doors that were orginally there.

5. My Tobacco Stick angels, I love them because they are incredibly cute but even more because they make me think of my grandparents. My sister and I rode tobacco sticks as our pretend horses as children. When the Beast was very young we lived on the farm with my grandmama so he too was a tobacco stick horse rider.

6. My shelves with cute baskets. Over on the right is a peek at the tri fold screen made me for displays at fairs but now it keeps Pearl's littler box Private.

7. My messy standing work station with my handpainted stool. We got old cabinets and a countertop from the Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center and it is perfect.

8. This always makes me smile and reminds me of how lucky I am and to say a prayer of gratitude.

9. More storage with bins in glorious colors.
Has anyone noticed the poison dart frog wallpaper border in some of the pics? I put that up when the Pirate was four and it will probably stay up until we get ready to sell. The thought of moving everything out to take it down and paint this room is overingwhelming. Besdies what you have seen I also have a 2 door cabinet and a large L shaped desk plus iris carts. It bothered me for awhile but it really does make me smile and think about my sweet boys when they were little and loved such things.
and finally NUMBER 10
the thing I love most in my studio

To see how many bloggers focused on things related to the word LOVE and how many were less traditional check for their Ten Things over at Shimelle. But before you go tell me, if you had to do a list of ten and it had to be related to love what aspect would you focus on?

Have a glorious February 10th!


  1. I can't see your pictures :(

  2. I can see them and it's a LOVEly peep around where you create

  3. I enjoyed the peek into your colorful craft space - so many wonderful things to inspire you and make you smile. I would have totally left up that border, too!

  4. I have loved having a peek at your craft area...my TOTT are my ten fave romantic movies!
    Alison xx

  5. Oh, that bowl is way too cute!

  6. Thanks for the peek into your creative space Beverly :o) The theme of love didn't even occur to me! I had to adapt my Friday Faves and turn it into a list of 10!

  7. I enjoyed that lovely peek into your studio. So many lovely things.

    The aqua and green bins are so pretty!

  8. I can see them this morning. I enjoyed the look around your craft space too!

  9. Beverly, it is no surprise that your crafting area is so happy and bright - it is LOVEly!


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