25 February 2012

Sharing on Saturday

how to use distress inks.  Lots of cool tricks!

Crafting with 2x4's! 12 ideas (with tutorials)!

Buy a rough surfaced tile from Lowe's (less than a dollar) and mod podge pretty scrapbook paper on it. Then mod podge picture over that. Let dry and wrap with a pretty bow. Easy and cheap! You can also include a small stand to set the tile on. - Cute!

vegetable tian: potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni, squash, oninon&garlic;, parmesan

bummed that this was a dead link but it is a vegetable tian: potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni, squash, oninon&garlic; parmesan which I probably can figure out. I'll be looking for an authentic link to a recipe to add here.

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  1. I'll be checking out those lunch box ideas. Thanks for sharing. PS The link above (for a flan?) doesn't take me anywhere.

  2. Thanks, Fi, I thought I had doublechecked them all. I had three I wanted to share but the Pinterest links were either by user or tumblr @@

  3. Thanks my love, now I have to make a mailbox!!!

  4. That tube rental sign is awesome! It made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I'm definately going to go and look at some 2 x 4 inspiration.

  6. Oh I laughed out loud at the Tube Rental sign!! Thanks for sharing.


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