14 January 2012

Sharing on Saturdays

Valentines gift

I ordered a set of these vintage playing cards to do this project and no, I'm not thinking the Chosen One checks the blog often enough to see this post lol
The tutorial is here and the vintage cards can be purchased here.

for the hot chocolate

ohhh, these might even be showing up on Pinspiration this Tuesday, we're in for a cold weekend. This is on Adventures in Savings but when I am on the blog it's not showing, I'll try again later yo see if I can get it to work.

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I have beef for fajitas
frozen and they are on tonight's menu!

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I'd probably change the flower just because it's not my style but very cute card shown over at Stampin With Ink On My Fingers 
I already have this digi stamps, in fact I have a lot of the ones she uses :)

I know some of you enjoy the free printables links, so how about these?

Free printables

I think these are more wintry than Christmas so still very usable

Did anyone else watch the Sharon, Lois and Bram: The Elephant Show back in the late '80s, early '90s. Anyone? Ginger? It was a Canadian show that I watched with the Beast when we lived on the farm. We even took him to see it live when the show passed through Raleigh (ohhh, that would be a  good one for Storytelling Sunday @@)

Skidamarink de dinky dinky dink, skidamarink de doo,
IIIIIII lllloooovvvveeeee yyyooouuuu ou ou poo be be boop bedoo!

and to go with that hot chocolate you decided you need so you could use the yummy peppermint chocolate marshmallow stirrers I shared

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and finally something to feast your eyes upon

Showoff--Snowy Red Barn--10x10--Fine Art Photography

RHamby Images

Hope you have a glorious Saturday! I plan to be with friends, spend quality time with the Chosen One, create a bit and work on that organizing component!


  1. Some great ideas here,Beverly...funnily enough....I really like the flower on that card!!

  2. yes!! I do remember Sharon, Lois & Bram! I would watch it with my nieces when sitting:) LOL! That seems so long ago!

    Lots of lovelies here - the cookies looks gorgeous and I love that last photo of the barn - we might actually get some snow this weekend :)

  3. Some great eye candy today. It's a beautiful sunshiny day here - cold now but should be in the 60s by afternoon. We're heading to an outdoor flea market this morning & I'm hoping to scrap some this afternoon.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Those cookies look SO inviting!
    Alison xx

  5. A lovely collection - that bottom one is just stunning. Hope you get done what you hope to. :)


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