31 January 2012

Pinterest Inspired Tuesdays = Pinspiration

a weekly challenge to actually create something inspired by Pinterest

One last thing. . .

How cute is that? And she even has what appears to be Pearl modeling lol Of course when you are on her site you realize this is not a pure white but she is a cutie. Pearl loves her little bed she got for Christmas so much that she is pretty much staying off the furniture (well, except for when she wants to be right up under me) so I thought I'd get her one for the studio and one for our bedroom but then Pinterest stepped up. Whohooo I had polar fleece left over from some scarves I had made a few years ago so this not only becomes a Pinspiration fulfilled but helps with the Year of Decluttering and Purging!
So are you ready for the finished product withOUT the ever beautiful Pearl?! I haven't gotten her to use it yet!!! But I did just finish it last night!

I made some design changes that I’ll be sharing Thursday so if you have a few feline friends check back to see what I did differently.

Next up, what to do with these vintage illustrations.

Pinned Image

I used these images to create some cards. I'm struggling with a caption/sentiment on some of these so will be asking for input soon.

Have you started trying any of the things you’ve pinned or are you still just pinning away thinking... one day? The Linky meme isn't working for me (possibly another blogger issue for me this week@@ It also randomly won't let me leave comments on blogs and is not letting me preview). If Pinterest inspires you to create this week feel free to email me the link to your Pinspiration blogpost and I will add it to this post.

If you are new to  Pinterest   here's a good tutorial
If you need an invitation to join Pinterest just let me know in your comments or email me!
Have a glorious day and be inspired to create something today!

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