10 January 2012

Pinterest Inspired Tuesday

a weekly challenge to actually create something inspired by Pinterest

This week was a mix of failure and success using two of my Pinterest board pins for inspiration. I am trying to eat healthier and I love strawberries so thought the yogurt covered strawberries would be delicious, not so much. I did use a generic greek yogurt and it was not as thick and creamy as my favorite (Oikos), also I used strawberry yogurt and they used plain. I think too, I just don’t really care to eat fruit that’s frozen so don’t use me as a determinant on whether you try this one or not.

Pinned Image


My other Pinspiration for the week was this adorable snowman looking up. The blogger did this with her Kindergarten and 1st graders using construction paper and glitter. I just don't get having glitter in a classroom but that's just one of my classroom quirks, children definitely love it. I originally thought I'd do a quick card but when I went to pull a card base I saw a piece of thin wood and though hmmm maybe a winter art piece.

Pinterest board pin

the Pinspiration result

 If Pinterest inspires you to create this week feel free to come back and link up below. If not this week, I hope you are inspired to join me on a future Tuesday.


  1. Love the fun snowman,Beverly.

  2. That snowman is such fun! I will give some thought to your challenge!

  3. He looks great - love the scarf and button mouth. I will join you eventually - haven't even had time to go on Pinterest :0)

  4. Like JO I am not on Pinterest yet, but your challenge has me thinking about doing so. Shane about the strawberries..love the snowman!
    Alison xx

  5. Cute snowman! And it doesn't matter if your strawberries aren't as photogenic as the pinterest one, just so long as they tasted good, that's what really matters!

  6. I already thought this is a great idea - now I see it in action I love it even more! Very Pinspiring

  7. Those strawberries do look like they'd taste good, but I just take the easy way out and dip them in some sour cream then a little brown sugar & enjoy.

    Your snowman is great!


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