03 January 2012

Pinspiration~ a weekly challenge

a weekly challenge to actually create something inspired by Pinterest

I have 28 boards on Pinterest and have pinned a total of 734 things. I am inspired by food, photography, style, DIY projects, things that just simply make me smile, art journaling and so much more. I have always been one to cut out pages from newspapers and magazines and I love how easily accessible Pinterest makes the things that inspire me. I have used some of my pins as inspiration in actually creating things but suspect there is a danger in the pins just becoming board collections. So I am committing in 2012 to make a concerted effort to use all that Pinspiration and share the results with you on Tuesdays. I am hoping to share two a week but some weeks it will be one, like this week and who knows I may get on a roll one week and have three or more! If you have a blog you are invited to take up the Pinspiration  and link up to this weekly post. I do ask that you keep your sharing in good taste for a general audience. Let us know if you are happy with your finished product and any pointers. Even if you don’t have a blog I’d love for you to share in the comments anything you’ve found on Pinterest that week that has inspired you. So enough of me jabbering, this week I chose a canvas as my Pinspiration.

Pinned Image

inspired me to create this

I’m pretty pleased with it, especially for something I did in one night.  If Pinterest inspires you to create this week feel free to come back and link up below. If not this week, I hope you are inspired to join me on a future Tuesday.


  1. Not sure that I'll manage something this week....but you are inspiring me to actually try and make things from my pin boards....instead of just admiring them!!

  2. I have to confess that I know nothing about Pinterest, but I feel like I should! Could you email me some info about it? deb(dot)keyworth(at)btinternet(dot)com

  3. Love this Beverly!


  4. This is a great idea for a linky party Beverly :o) I will definitely try to join in, but probably not every week! Lovely canvas and the drawing on the original is awesome.

  5. Check you out!!! Love it you artist you!

  6. I have just started "pinning" things, even though Carrie helped me add the "pin" button to my top toolbar quite some time ago. This is a great idea for a linky party, and I really love the example canvas you have shared, Beverly. As soon as I am freed from this goofy arm brace I will jump on board with you. ;o)


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