06 January 2012

Books for Sale

Our house looks like a bomb went off in it. We are taking down Christmas today but none of it is going back in the attic. This is the Edwards' Year of Organizing and Purging. Only a small fraction of Christmas was actually used this year but yesterday the Pirate brought everything related to Christmas or any holiday down from the attic, down the stairs and across the house to the formal living room. He then started unloading other boxes from the attic into the master bedroom. The night before, we had moved our bed and part of our furniture down to the Beast's old room. The stairs from the attic point towards our room so it's only logical that the master become the "holding room" for everything. Everything from the attic is going to be looked at so that we may reorganize and properly label, donate, discard or yard sale it.  We have a large attic, we have tons of stuff. I was a toy addict (I sold Discovery Toys and had a home daycare) so we kept the really good stuff for our future grandchildren. Add in all the things the boys wanted to keep, clothes, some furniture and who knows what else and it is a ridiculous amount. We will probably sell the house in the next 5-10 years and I don't want to have to deal with all this stuff plus it's a bit maddening when you can't find a box for 2 years and it has your favorite pair of pants in it.

So really, Beverly, we understand all that but why is the post title and photo about selling books? Were they in the attic?  Why, no they weren't, they were in the Beast's room. They are the college text books that the two boys have accumulated that the universities would not buy back or would only offer a few dollars for. I am going to sell them online to Chegg and/or Bookrenter. That was not going to be today's project, today I was going to continue sorting for Project: Attic. The Pirate leaves tomorrow so I have to make use of him unloading the attic to the fullest extent. I woke up with my day planned ...I was well rested (that feeling generally only lasts a few hours)...I got dressed and went to the studio to make a few cards then I'd be off to the grocery store (the Pirate and I are making some freezable dishes for him to take back) then I would go to work on the "stuff" coming down from the attic. I was leaning over to get something I wanted to use on the cards when I was ripped into total pain in my back...the upper back (right under the bra strap) completely from one side to the other but concentrated more towards the sides,,,,,it was like a long excruciating spasm and now has winded down to just hurting a good bit, ebbing and flowing. So...so much for those plans, I am going to be seated for a bit and might as well sell books. Note, the plan was in place, the motivation was there, it is not about my procrastination...I really am trying : /


  1. Aw! Poor you! I was reading along thinking how awesome it was that you were taking on this project-clean-out and then came to the part about your back. Take it easy and hopefully you'll be back in the game soon.

    Anyway, it will be such a good feeling to have all that stuff cleaned out and purged, won't it? We realized that when we moved recently and had to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Good luck with it, and use some ice on your back!!! xo

  2. So sorry to read about the back pain - it looks as if the Organising and Purging had been going really well... Hope all is pain-free soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I have so many projects on my organization list that as long as I make progress on any one of them, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Gosh - that sounds a mammoth task! Sorry to hear about the back pain but you'll have to sit and direct now with your feet up :0)
    Get well soon x

  5. Oh Beverly, I'm so sorry to hear about your back!!

    I'm planning to start a major cleaning/decluttering/re-organizing project in the next week or so - every room in the house gets a thorough going over.

    I've packed up all the Christmas decorations today, still have to take down the trees when Robbie gets home. Then everything back in the attic.

    We have two attic spaces, so I have one for just Christmas stuff - all labeled and easy to find. The other attic space . . . well, let's not talk about it here! :>(

  6. Hope your back is easing Beverley...your decluttering plan sounds good!
    Alison xx


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