24 December 2011

Sharing on Saturday ~ Christmas Eve


I definitely did :)

a wise person knows whether or not to say it.

Growing up.

Ten ways to love

make a difference in someone's life

Today, Christmas Eve is the Chosen One's 49th birthday. At our home we focus on his birthday, it is not Christmas Eve until we walk into the sanctuary later this evening. All the glorious words I have posted today are true to this glorious man.
Happy Birthday, Stephen!


  1. Love the first one and the BroTip! Thanks for sharing, and hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

  2. Hope you have a lovely day...and that you and your family have a Happy Christmas
    Alison xx

  3. What a beautiful tribute to the Chosen One - happy birthday!

    And Merry Christmas - may your celebrations be filled with lots of love & laughter!

  4. Hope you have had a lovely day of celebrations and Merry Christmas to you Beverly xx


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