20 December 2011

Pinterest Inspired ...... Cooking

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Are you on Pinterest? Do you pin all types of awesome inspiration but know the likelihood of you actually using the inspiration is low. There is tons of food inspiration on Pinterest and I have no problem pinning away. The photo above is one I pinned. I've decided that instead of just having them on my boards I am going to actually try to use the inspirations and create something twice a week. This week it is the Green Beans wrapped in Bacon...and you know how the males in this house feel about bacon!

bacon wrapped green beans:

1 lb. fresh green beans
5 strips of bacon
3 tbsp melted butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 clove garlic - pressed/finely chopped
1/8 tsp soy sauce


boil green beans in large pot till tender. meanwhile, fry the bacon in a skillet over med-low heat. you want the bacon to cook ‘soft’. do not ‘crisp’ the bacon. place aside on paper towels to cool and reduce grease. then cut the strips into halves.

after beans have been drained, i like to put a little butter in the post to melt on the beans (this is optional and not included in the ingredients above). in a 13x9 pan lay one of the ‘half’ pieces of bacon and place several beans (about 6-7) then wrap the bacon around the bundle of beans and secure with a toothpick. continue doing this till the beans are gone.

melt the 3 tsp of butter in small sauce pan. add brown sugar, garlic salt and soy sauce and mix continuously over med-high heat. once completely blended, brush over the bundles with a ‘cooking’ brush until mixture is gone.

bake at 400 degrees in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

I have to start off here with how exciting and rewarding it is to have someone coming to the table every night that sees the plate and says "yes!",  "sweet", "score" or makes some approving noise. Ahhh one of the advantages of having a college boy that has his own apartment home for the holidays (believe me the amount of food, types of food and grocery bill are all different than they were during the semester). The Chosen One was in awe the other day because we had bagels in the house then he remembered the Pirate was home lol

The Pirate thought a high five was in order just because of the presence of bacon.

The moment of truth.

Pinterest inspired recipe....this one's a winner!

Do you find yourself just "collecting" on your Pinterest boards or are you being inspired to try things? I am thinking of having a weekly post sharing what from my boards I've tried that week. It would probably be a Tuesday or Thursday post and could easily be a linked up event, anyone else interested in motivation to try some of those glorious ideas out?

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  1. I have folders of recipes I tear out of magazines or download off the internet, and then forget they are there! This looks like a good recipe and not too time consuming either. Your bacon is VERY different to ours in the UK!

  2. Deb, that's why I am loving Pinterest, it's keeping it all organized for me and I see the photo and remember I want to try it :)

  3. Bacon is always good :)

    I do pin recipes, mainly sweet things TSO wants to try out

  4. Now I know how to get them to eat their veggies!...wrap it up in bacon :D Stopping by from ftlob. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks yummy! I have also been seeing lots of bacon wrapped asparagus :)

  6. We have a similiar recipe which is a favorite here. The presence of bacon is a huge plus, of course. We've found that you can use the pre-cooked bacon and it goes together quicker. Our recipe calls for the beans bundles to marinate overnight, then bake before serving. YUMMY

  7. I reckon DD and DH would appreciate these!
    Alison xx

  8. Gotta love a bacon high five! ROFL

  9. They look good! I have 3 food related boards on Pinterest, but I only every seem to make food from the 'sweet foods' board


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