09 December 2011

Christmas Giveaways

Ummm yea, that's not me, the photo is from google share but it does represent me expectantly waiting to draw your name for one of my two giveaways. Christmas goodies will be mailed out Monday to one commenter from my Saturday blogpost Ten on the Tenth Sharing on Saturday and one participant commenter in my current BEglorious Facebook page poll/question. You can increase your chances by sharing   on your blog  *on your FB page  *already being a follower  *becoming a follower  *becoming a fan of the BEglorious FB page (you'll need to mention this in your comments). If you are not positive I have a way of contacting you please, please, please either be sure to check back on Monday or you can email me or leave in your comments your email address. To avoid getting spam be sure you write yours like this...neusebrats{at}aol{dot}com  
Remember for your first chance you have to leave a comment!
Christmas Goodie packages valued at a minimum of $20 (USD)
and will be a mix of handmade and store bought.


  1. Oh what a lovely photo - would love love love to win a prize! :>)

  2. You're so fun, Beverly. This is a great way to announce a give away. :o)


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