23 November 2011

Thanksgiving Song of Praise

Brianna Haynes
Thanksgiving Song
"Thank You"

I'm thankful that today I get to spend the day surrounded by people I love. I hope that whether you are an American or not you have that blessing in your life and that you take a moment today to truly cherish how fortunate that makes us. I'm thankful for blog readers that find BEglorious a place they like to stop by and the friendships I have formed because of this blog.
Have a glorious day!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Beverly - hope you and your family have a blessed day!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly. Thank you for sharing that beautiful song, too!!

  4. Thanks for sharing that beautiful song..am off to try to find out if she has any CDs-I reckon my mum would enjoy listening to her. happy Thanksgiving t you and yours Beverley!
    Alison xx

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Beverly!


YOU ROCK! Seriously, I love getting comments, so know that you have put a bit of added sunshine in my day. Thanks so much and I hope your day is glorious!