13 October 2011

Don't you love housework?!

So, I was not excited about laundry or the amount of housework I have to do in the next 2 days. Honestly it was making me a little cranky, yep, pretty much like a spoilt brat. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing haven't changed drastically since I was born but wow washing clothes has. I stopped and reminded myself how my grandmamas and even my Mama had had to slave over laundry and had to iron EVERYthing. Well, I'm not so convinced that the sheets and boxers really HAD to be ironed but they were. Then I thought about the woman in the world that have to carry their laundry, hiking sometimes a long way to rivers to beat and wash their family's clothes clean.  This does not mean that I like housework (I love the results just not the doing so much) but it does make me suck it up and be grateful for how very very fortunate I am.

I lie not! I actually know people that love housework! Love it! Totally bizarre to me, wish my house could give them some love. My main problem is when I let things get out of hand it overwhelms me so I start practicing avoidance. of course at some point it is so overwhelming I have to address it and today and tomorrow are two of those days.

If told that I would only have to do one household chore for the rest of my life (and I don't consider cooking part of this) I'd probably choose to iron. Chore I would give up before any others...cleaning bathrooms!!! What chore do you dread the most? What one causes you the least pain or do you actually enjoy some chores?

I'm off to be domestic some more but I'll be back to check on your answers!


  1. I hate ironing and bathrooms equally - don't mind hoovering but I am so with you on this housework lark :0)
    I see the show tomorrow I am sure I will be giggling throughout x

  2. Beverly, I'm shocked! All the swearing in this post! ;)

    I loathe the h-word, as I may have hinted at on my blog.... I'd happily never clean the bathrooms again. I can't really say I'd stop ironing because I don't actually do it!! I don't mind cooking though - I like experimenting with new recipes. And I can cope with loading the dishwasher afterwards, too :)

  3. Some people actually like housework....I don't believe it....impossible!!!!!
    My very worst thing is cleaning the oven.....but here I'm a bit lucky....because OH usually does it....and much better than I ever could!!!!!

  4. I hate ironing...and cleaning floors- which is a job on the agenda tomorrow!
    Alison xx

  5. I hate housework...all of it! I'm with Jacky on the oven cleaning, that is the thing I hate most. Washing up comes a close second though, for the sheer repetition of it.

  6. I would rather clean than cook. Every time :)


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