31 October 2011

Recent Creations

I made mini chipboard albums for the invitations to the Gathering of the Goddesses. Gathering weekend the Goddesses will receive additonal "pages" to add to the album that they can add photos from our time together.

I needed to make Halloween cards for the Beast, the Sweet One, the Pirate and the Pirate Girl as well as the three church college Homegrowns Stephen and I encourage throughout the year.

After I got those mailed I felt the call to make some more cards. I made 2 for specific people but won't share those since they might see them. Here are a few of the ones for Etsy.

I spent alot of time on the Etsy forums otday and uploading the new cards. Hopefully i can put some of the things I learned into practice in the coming weeks.
If you're on Facebook I would love and appreciate a "Like" for my BEglorious business page.

What have you been creating lately? Have you started thinking about Christmas cards? I have only barely and I have to start making them for the shop pronto! One place I can always get inspiration is Jacky's blog  where she has great posts like this sharing the Christmas cards she so smartly makes throughout the year! Impressive, isn't she? :)


  1. Wow, you have certainly been productive lately Beverly. Those mini-albums are great.

    I agree, Jacky has lots of card inspiration.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words,Beverly....though you've been pretty busy making some gorgeous cards yourself.
    Cards have got a bit pushed aside at the moment....lucky I'd made so many of my christmas ones....as I'm really busy scrapbooking with Shimelle's 'Pretty paper party' class....loving getting my holiday album finally done.

  3. Ah! I LOVE those mini-books, Beverly. Your friends are going to love them too.

    Also really like your cards - and I agree about our dear Jacky. She is a card-making-machine!

  4. I'm dying to know where your destination will take you lovely ladies! What fun you will have and I love the chipboard albums that they can add to!

  5. You HAVE been busy...and i forgot about 'Nightmare before Christmas'- mainly because it's not in my box...it lives with DD!
    Alison xx


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