03 October 2011

a Pirate Baby Shower

One of our East Carolina Pirate Tailgating Crew is expected her first child next month. The game this past weekend was the last home game she'll be able to attend this season so we decided to throw her a surprise Pirate Baby Shower. I knew I wanted to make a card but would never have dreamt I would find the PERFECT image. I love Maurie J Manning's artwork and was looking through her card gallery for inspiration. I saw a few digital images I've never seen in her shop Mo's Digital Pencil (they must be retired, I need to ask her about that because I want them lol) and lo and behold I found the absolute most perfect stamp in the world, Pirate Kai! The stamp image has Kai holding a pumpkin candy bucket since it's really a Halloween design. I had some clay phrases left over from the Beast's high school sports days so was able to take that element out of the card. Next year, I can use the Halloween aspect for the little Pirate's first Halloween, at least mom and dad are hoping she won't arrive November.

It was a fun fall afternoon and it was great to have something to celebrate since our Pirates didn't provide a celebratory outcome....there's always next week, aarrgghhhh!


  1. What an adorable image for the card. Perfect!
    As for the daily posting, I am going to try my absolute best :o)

  2. What a great image and card! Love it!

  3. Aw! Absolutely adorable card, Beverly. And the sentiment inside is perfect! Well done, matey!

  4. That's so cute and 50 times better than baby with pink booties. A great creative lady who come up with neat cool stuff. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Oh, that's so lovely! Perfect image indeed, but perfectly finished, too :)


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