15 September 2011

Taste of Home Cooking School

Tuesday, three of us attended the Taste of Home Cooking School . Lynne and I decided we were going to do it and only told Jane that she owed $25, needed extra cash and was to meet us at 4:15 for an adventure. She was very funny trying to guess what we were going to do as we drove downtown.  It had been too long since the three of us had enjoyed a relaxing, fun time together and this definitely fit the bill.

Once we were downtown we parked in the lot across from Memorial Auditorium where the event was taking place then we walked down City Plaza to Shish kabob for dinner. The weather was perfect for outside dining!

I ordered a lamb kabob with pita bread, titziki, rice and hummus. Ohmy gosh the hummus was glorious and I could eat a bowl of tiziki. I ate way to much and felt stuffed.

Jane and Lynne after our delicious meal.

 Jane still didn't know what we were doing :) We walked back down to Memorial, shopped at bit at the fresh produce stands then headed into to collect our swag bags of goodies. We were VIPs so we got an extra cool bag stuffed with all kinds of goodness including a cookbook.  There were all kinds of sponsor/vendor booths inside. my favorite being The Meathouse, their lemon pepper chicken samples were amazing!!! Soon it was time to find our seat, sixth row and try to stuff our bags under our seats out of the way.  Below are some of the dishes made by our chef , Guy Klinzing

Pork Tenderloin Sliders with Pickled Onions and Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Tuscan Bread Salad

Huevoes Rancheros
(the eggs made Lynne squeamish)

Chex PB & White Chocolate Party Mix

He also made
Groundnut Stew
Raspberry and Mustard Glazed Pork Loin
East Thai Chicken and Rice
Agave Chocolate Cake with Raspberry and Chocolate Glazes

There were many, great door prizes throughout the night and at the end they gave away a stainless steel stove and refrigerator. None of the three of us had to figure out how to get those home but we definitely felt like winners, it was a great evening with great friends.

Have you spent special time with friends lately?


  1. It sounds like you had a great time! Everything looks delicious! I hope to do something special with my friend next month to celebrate my big four zero :)

  2. It really does sound like a great time....and those dishes look wonderful.

  3. That sounds so cool!! Now, to take what you've learned and offer a cooking class yourself. I'd pay to learn some new tricks in the kitchen and new recipes, as long as one of them includes that delicious meatloaf of yours! :-)

  4. Pumpkin whoopie pies - now there's a recipe I've never seen! Sounds and looks as if you had a great time. I'm hoping for one with friends tomorrow!

  5. What a great day! The food looks wonderful.

  6. Looks like a great evening...the food looks fab!
    alison xx

  7. Thank you for the mini books - they are fab - I didn't even realise I had won it so I'm glad you had my address :0) I am going to get back to the blogging this week and look forward to a proper thank you.
    This looks great - my kind of night. Glad you enjoyed it x

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time - it's been years since I've been to a Taste of Home cooking school. In the midst of the chaos of a bathroom renovation this week, I actually had lunch with a friend, took time to visit two elderly ladies from church, taught two Bible Study sessions, and enjoyed a visit with another friend here today. Great week despite the dust.


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