24 August 2011

Freshness on a Beautiful Day

My friend, Lynne and I went to the Farmer's Market early this morning. The weather was beautiful, a welcome relief from the brutal summer heat. We
 left with our bags loaded down with sweet summer goodness. I was taking pictures as we walked around,when we got to this booth the gentleman pointed out his bounty pictured below and asked me to take a picture. Hope he doesn't think I am actually a photographer and looks in the paper for his picture.

 I'm glad he encouraged the picture because it made me notice the light coming in a little further down and I got one of my favorite shots of the day! I love how you can almost see inside
 of the peppers because of the light!

Another stand belonged to this woman, she had wonderful recipes to share for the various eggplants and squash.

I told her I had to take a picture of each one so I'd remember them once
I got home. She
proceeded to reel off the names expecting that to cement them in my mind. Glad I took the pictures since at dinner I could only remember part of them.

I enjoy going to all the stalls then going back round to make my purchases.  This way I know who has the best prices and the best tasting tomatoes and peaches because I've been sampling.

I think the next shot is perfect for Rinda's photo scavenger hunt lol

and finally a photo of my purchases when I got home. Yummy tastes of summer in North Carolina!


  1. Lovely photos and so fascinating - some of these we don't see over here. And the prices! Our peppers are about 1$99 for two! Love the quality of the light, and glad it's no longer so hot for you.

  2. What a fantastic assortment of produce...and beautifully taken photos! I wouldn't know where to start cooking with a lot of these things!
    Alison xx

  3. They all look so wonderful....just glorious, in fact!!

  4. We are so fortunate to have this plethora of food available for us to eat and to share and to ahve you to share this experience with us. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. What a tempting array of produce. I wish we had something like that here..

  6. Lovely photos Beverly! We always enjoy a trip to the farmer's market. I picked up some of the 8 ball squash/zucchini last year and there was a recipe for stuffed 8 ball squash that I tried (like stuffed bell peppers) & it was pretty good.

  7. Great photos, Beverly! I LOVE the one of the peppers - would be great for framing!!! Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.

  8. Oh how I wish we had something like that over here - that produce all looks so amazing. I love the hand written sign - absolutely perfect for Rinda's challenge!

  9. Great pics of the produce And the market personalities!

  10. Beverly I love all these shots and the one of the sign would be perfect for Rinda's scavenger hunt ... I just wanted to drop by and check that you are all okay and that Irene didn't affect you too much - take care :-)

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a fun morning at the NC Farmers Market!


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