06 August 2011

Celebration - day 6 giveaway winner

Well, it's probably obvious with the number of comments the chances of winning multiple times is pretty high and Jacky has done just that.
Congrats Jacky, you've won these three cards, I hope you have some menfolk in your life that you can send them to  :)

Sorry the color isn't better but I took the pics late at night : /

So this is the start of the last day of blogoversary celebration week.

All commenters' names left on any posts this week go into the drawing on Sunday for the three bigger prizes. There are multiple ways to increase your odds so even if you are just commenting on today's posts (or you can backtrack) you can get your name in multiple times.

Thi is much less complicated than it reads lol
 Sunday morning I will draw for three bigger prizes, every comment you leave during the week will earn you a ticket in the drawing so visit daily, coment often. If you mention the celebartion on your blog and provide a link for your readers you get 5 additional tickets. If you lead a friend, family member, blog reader here and they mention your name in their comment you earn 2 more tickets...that one helps those of you that don't have blogs ;) Comment on my FB blog posting and earn 2 tickets, helpful for those of you that don't want to sign up for a google account. Become a follower and earn 2 tickets. Already a follower? Once you leave your first comment of the week you earn 3 extra tickets. If you are a subscriber mention it in your comment for extra tickets. So many chances to be a winner!
Good luck and thanks for celebrating with me!


  1. Love these cards, Beverly!

  2. Wow...thanks again,Beverly...and as I rarely make men's cards....find them really difficult.....these will be perfect.

  3. The man cards are cool. Love the new blog background. You will be my go-to-gal if ever I get into blogging.

    Joyce B

  4. What fun cards - congrats Jacky! Wow, has it been a week already.

  5. I keep forgetting to mention that I subscribe to your blog in my Google Reader! :>)

  6. tahnks, Melissa, have it down for the drawing count :)

  7. Your blog is looking fabulous - loving the funky stamps and great sentiments - hope your Blogiversary celebrations have been fun!


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