04 August 2011

Blogoversary Celebration ~ day 6

the winner of the day 5 giveaway is

and I need to show Jacky what she won on the day 4 giveaway

Today's giveaway is 3 masculine cards but you have to come back tomorrow to see them ;)

Yesterday was spent totally frustrated by PSE9 (which is to be expected since I know nothing about the program) and spending time with my Mama and sister. Daddy was taken in for his outpatient 3 hours late so I didn't drop them back off at the hospital until 6:30pm  The surgery went well (thanks, Sian), in fact once in the issue of concern did not exist so they really only went in and out. Now to figure out what is causing the problem but thankfully it isn't a life threatening issue. It's scary to me that we could have lost him to a surgery that wasn't even necessary.  There is always the potential of bleeding out with this and that exists regardless of what they find when they get in.  Thanking God today for the glorious morning and that all is well in my little world.
I hope yours is glorious too!



  1. The cards look great,Beverly...and pleased to hear everything went well with your dad.

  2. Lovely cards Beverly! Glad all went well with your Dad yesterday. I spent part of the day showing DH how to resize & do minor edits to photos using PSE.

  3. So pleased to hear that all went well at the hospital. You must be so relieved.
    I've not ventured into Photoshop territory at home yet, I had some training at work but it was one of those situations when it all made sense while someone was talking me through it and then I was totally bewildered when I was left to my own devices!


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